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Household cutlery & Tools Grinding, renewing blades & handles, and polishing disc maintenance by Martin Morocutti

The book's target reader group mainly comprises people who are interested in sharpening and maintaining household cutlery and tools. This includes:

  • Hobbyists and enthusiasts who want to maintain and sharpen their own cutlery and tools at home.
  • Professionals such as cutlers, craftsmen and sharpening service providers who want to expand their expertise and improve their skills.
  • Individuals interested in opening or already running their own sharpening service business for cutlery.

    The book with 280 pages is aimed at readers of different levels of experience, from beginners to advanced sharpeners, and offers practical guidance and expert tips for anyone looking to improve their sharpening techniques.

  • A reader can buy the book because it provides comprehensive guidance and valuable advice for sharpening, maintaining and caring for household cutting goods and tools. Here are some reasons why the book offers added value:

  • Expertise from an expert: The author has decades of experience as a master cutler and offers his accumulated expertise and proven techniques.
  • Practical instructions: The book includes detailed instructions and step-by-step explanations that allow the reader to easily understand and apply sharpening techniques and maintenance procedures.
  • Comprehensive coverage: It covers various aspects of grinding, blade and handle renewal, and polishing disc maintenance, providing readers with a wide range of relevant information.
  • Richly illustrated: With over 240 images, the book illustrates grinding techniques and procedures, making it easier to understand and put into practice.
  • Insider tips: The author shares his personal tricks and hacks that he has gathered throughout his career, providing readers with additional insights and useful strategies.

    Overall, the book provides both beginners and experienced sharpeners with a practical guide to the effective care and maintenance of cutlery and tools, making it a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their sharpening techniques.

  • Are you looking to offer a sharpening service for household cutlery and become self-employed in this field as your own boss, or simply want to sharpen your own cutlery effectively? Then this book can offer you many advantages. You will learn about the necessary machinery, abrasives, and helpful accessories. Martin Morocutti, who has been working as a master knife sharpener for decades, reveals in this book how he sharpens cutlery, illustrating it with clear explanations and over 240 illustrations. He also shares all the tricks he has accumulated over the decades. You can preview the entire table of contents and the first pages of the book online to get an idea of the wide range of topics covered by the author.

    The author started working as an apprentice in a tool manufacturing company in 1989. After passing the final apprenticeship examination, he worked as an assistant armourer for six months and then pursued his profession as a toolmaker until 1995.

    Since 1995, he has continuously developed his professional expertise in the field of sales and grinding services of household goods as an entrepreneur. He could already draw on more than 65 years of experience, which his father and grandfather had gathered in this field and passed on to him. In 1996, he successfully passed the master craftsman's examination in cutlery, followed by the equally successful master craftsman's examination in machine and production technology in 1997.
    With decades of professional experience, he has not only built up extensive knowledge, but also continues to show great enthusiasm and curiosity when it comes to acquiring new skills and knowledge.

    Read the index and the first pages as a test read:
    >>> Household cutlery & Tools <<<

    How to buy the book:
    You can buy it from the publisher Homepage or from Amazon (advertising Link) or any other book store.

    You can buy the Softcover from Amazon (advertising Link), any other book store or from me. I send you the book free of postage world wide with tracking possibility.
    The price if you want to buy it from me:
    If you are within the EU: The Softcover price is EUR 99,00 including VAT (Value Added Tax), incl. postage
    If you are outside of the EU the price is EUR 90.00 without VAT, including postage. Maybe you must pay a duty or tax when you receive the book

    Please write me an e-Mail if you want to order the book from me . I write you back with my paypal address or bank account number. After I got the amount, I send the book to you and send you the trackingnumber.

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