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You are every day angry about dull knives, kitchen knives or scissors? High quality knives and scissors can have a live time from 50 years and more! Sometimes will get a knife dull and then we are able to sharpen it. We make your knives and scissors professional sharp. All cutlery tools will be sharpen personally by Martin Morocutti the registered master of cutlery and registered master of mechanical engenieering

We sharpen the most of cutlery tools as: knives, scissors, swords, pocket knives, woodworking chisels and more!

For sharpening are more steps necessary. As example at a sissors: We take it appart, as second step we gind it coarse at the inside, the third step is grinding the half moon, fourth step fine grinding the inside, fith step fine grinding the outside, sixth step polish the scissors parts, step seven is montage the parts tougether, step eight is "Richten" of the scissors (that the scissor work round and pliant), step nine is making the tips of the scissors to the same length, step ten is grinding a new tip, step eleven is grinding the "Wate" of the scissors, step twelve is removing the bur, step thirteen the control of the scissors.
If the scissors do not work or cut correct, then we search for the mistake. We control every article which we sharpen, before he leave our garage.
It need much time to grind a scissors that it cut fine and easy. We work always careful!

We are able to grind knives with serration, combo edge, hair scissors with micro serration, polished edge and much more!

We can send you the grinding price via e-Mail for your goods. But please send us a picture and the legth of your goods.