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Solar-, electric car-, Biomass Heating-, Photovoltaik Practice Systems

    Our family have since 1977 a solar hot water heating system and biomass heating system. We are very satisfied with it and we made it some years ago more powerful. Now we can use it also for normal heating. And since 1993 we have also a photovoltaic solar power plant on the house roof to make our own electrical power with the sun. And we drive with an electric car.

    On the following pages we write you more information about the pros from biological systems and how we use it.

    At first you can see my little utility which I have always in my car:
    It have approx. the same size as a moneycase. A little utility which protect against mosquitos, mouses and .... Through a high shound (Humans do not hear the sound) it protect against mosquitos, mouses and ..... At most imporant for me is because it prodect against .... At this reason I have it always in my car.

    Little photovoltaik which charge a little batterie. You can turn it on/off and switch between mosquitos, mouses and ....

    We provide also some links to good books.

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